Delivery Rates

Restaurants Delivered offers some of the lowest restaurant delivery rates in the city. If we are aware that a restaurant offers their own “in house delivery,” we will ALWAYS tell you, so you can make the choice to have your order delivered through them or through Restaurants Delivered.

Our Rates:

BOSTON PIZZA– offers special delivery pricing. $5.00 – $6.00 depending on your location.

PARTNERED RESTAURANTS– delivery charges START at $8.00 base rate for the first 3KM and $1.00 for each additional KM.

FAST FOOD & NON-PARTNERED– delivery charges  are $12.50 base rate for the first 4KM and $1.00 for each additional KM.


  • Add a stop at a liquor store for $6.00
    We can pick up anything you need from the cold beer and wine store.
  • Add a stop at a convenience store for $3.00
    We can pick up cigarettes, mix, lottery tickets, phone cards, convenience store items and more!

These extra charges are above and beyond the base rate for picking up at a restaurant.

Remember to TIP YOUR DRIVER if you have received GREAT service!
15-20% is customary and appreciated. Drivers use their own vehicles, gas and time to deliver your order and receive a portion of the Delivery Charge– your tip is greatly appreciated.


In the event that a restaurant forgets to pack something in your order or makes a mistake in the specified preparation of your order, it will be the responsibility of the restaurant to arrange a suitable solution with the customer. If the customer requests that Restaurants Delivered returns to the restaurant to exchange the food and return it back to the customer, delivery charges will apply.

Restaurants Delivered has no control over the food preparation or packing of your order. We are also not allowed to open any food products to check and see if it was packaged/prepared ‘right’ due to food safety standards.